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Our Love Oracle Deck #1 by Island Time Wellness details the sought-over aspects of relationships and love.

Find the answers to all of your burning questions. 💛 They are also so AMAZING for general readings!!!

Satisfy endless inquiries regarding twin-flame, karmic relationships, and beyond with this 54 carded soulmate and relationship deck. Precise and cooperative keywords on each card make the soulmate love-oracle reading a valuable yet seamless experience.

The Details ✨

All Decks include 54 cards.

Contents of Love Oracle Deck #1:

The Empath/Narcissist paradigm (love-bombing + gaslighting)
Third-Party interference
The Last Straw
Twin Flames
One Night Stands
Unexpected Union
Unexpected Reunion
Karmic Relationships
Fear of Abandonment
Fear of Intimacy
Finally at Freedom
Inner Child Healing
Falling In Love
Engagement.. and many more!
Crazy-good readings

Contents of Love Oracle Deck #2

The Proposal
Puppet Master
Emotionally spent
Rocking It
Playing the Field
Island Time
The Siren
Sorry Not Sorry
The Other
Taking chances
Lasting Love
Frigid Love...and many more!

Contents of Love Oracle Deck #3:
Influences of Past Conditioning
Present Reality
Life Goals
Leveling Up
Healthy Communication
Alignment of Interests
Setting Boundaries
Awareness of Destructive Habits
Pointing Fingers
Greener Grass
Self Love
Letting Go
Missing You
Letting it Be
Rewrite Your Story
Guarded Heart...and many more!

Meet your match and bring your readings to the next level with Island Time Wellness' Love Oracle Deck #1. These cards are the first of its kind, the pioneer, and the insight you've been looking for. The wait is over. Enhance your Love Oracle reading experience with the tool of finding the answers you want and need - with competency and compliance. Love Oracle Deck #1 is designed to be a crystal-clear go-to for all inquiries. Pair with your favorite tarot deck and watch your dream reading materialize right before your eyes. These cards are perfect to use alone or in conjunction with tarot card readings as clarifier cards. Love Oracle Deck #1 is understandable, intuitive, and ready to guide you towards understanding and realization. 

DEAL WITH REAL - Recognize addiction, codependency, and narcissism - to transition to a life of self-love, healthy, balanced, and secure relationships.

TELL IT LIKE IT IS - No sugar coating here!

INTERPRETATION IS SIMPLE - Keywords on every card make interpretation cohesive and straightforward.

NO MORE MEMORIZING - You won't have to spend any time learning to read these cards.

TRAVEL-SIZE CUTENESS- Easy readings on-the-go in case you or your friends have any pressing questions. This deck is as stylish as they are empirical.

1. Ascending:
Card Meaning: Congratulations! Things are on the up and up.
Relationship: Things are improving. You might be looking at a new phase in your relationship. There is growth and progress in this relationship. You might even be preparing for the next phase.

How are the decks different?

We currently offer three different decks of Love Oracle Cards (in various colors and sizes). They each provide different details and aspects of relationships. We had initially been made Deck #1 to be very well-rounded, to be the 'deck that does it all.' By popular demand, we made Deck #2 and #3 and dove deeper. We added aspects that we couldn't fit into Deck #1 into Deck #2, for a multi-faceted approach towards the dynamics of life and love. Deck #3 is about singles and inner-healing.2. Axe:
Card Meaning: Something is stopping or ending.
Relationship: An element needs to change. There may be an ending or some sort of separation.

3. Abundance:
Card Meaning: A positive mindset means that you can do anything you want.
Relationship: You are in a happy phase right now. You have affirmative vibes which will lead to a positive outcome.

4. Addiction:
Card Meaning: There appears to be an unhealthy attachment occurring.
Relationship: There might be some control issues or a need for a second look at the situation at play.

5. Cassette:
Card Meaning: Subconscious beliefs keep repeating over and over again in your head.
Relationship: You might be operating from a conditioned belief system that is influencing the way your relationship is playing out.

6. Clock:
Card Meaning: Time is of the essence.
Relationship: Time is needed whether you are in a relationship or not. You may need to take time for yourself, or events might need time to unfold.

7. Boat:
Card Meaning: Moving ahead or needing to move towards desired direction.
Relationship: You are headed towards what you want in a relationship. Or, perhaps it could be that you want to leave and so you are moving away.

8. Camera:
Card Meaning: Taking a look at something through a sharper lens.
Relationship: Hindsight is 20/20. You might have a clearer view or you might just be thinking about the past. It can also suggest looking towards the future.

9. Cupid’s Arrow:
Card Meaning: Love is coming your way if you are open to it.
Relationship: You might be receptive to meeting someone, or there may be a little resistance to the idea of being in love.

10. Date:
Card Meaning: There could be a new person on the horizon for you.
Relationship: Whether you are getting back out there in the dating game, or making plans for a special occasion, this card indicates that someone or something new is coming soon.

11. Coffee Cup:
Card Meaning: You might be feeling that jolt of energy to enjoy the little things in life.
Relationship: This card has a social connection and you may be spending time with the sweetness that life has to offer. It may be with someone who is a friend, or has the potential to be more than a friend.

12. Coffin:
Card Meaning: You are entering a new phase in life right now.
Relationship: There is a transition happening here whether you are in a relationship or you are ending one. This transformation will lead to inner development or freedom.

13. Girl With A Snake:
Card Meaning: People are telling this person that something is not right, but that individual is not seeing the truth in the situation.
Relationship: This may be a red flag warning that someone does not have your best interests at heart. This could be the time to take a second look at the people in your life.

14. Hammer:
Card Meaning: Something is going to be used in either a productive or non-productive way.
Relationship: One aspect of this card is taking the time to work on a relationship. Conversely, it can also mean another person using manipulative tactics against you.

15. Engagement Ring:
Card Meaning: Congratulations! There is something to celebrate here.
Relationship: This card indicates a commitment or new phase happening in a relationship. There is a new and stronger sense of security to look forward to.

16. Girl Talk:
Card Meaning: Indicates a time in your life when you have more freedom to invest in yourself and your friends.
Relationship: It represents the time period after a partnership has ended. You are taking more opportunities to do things for yourself. You are also renewing the strong bond between you and your friends.

17. Healthy Choices:
Card Meaning: Making wise decisions that are in alignment with what you want in life.
Relationship: Happiness will come when you nurture and love yourself. You also give love to others in a healthy and rewarding way.

18. Heart with a Key:
Card Meaning: Opening oneself to new experiences and love.
Relationship: The heart is open, available and willing. The key is present and allowing love to come in.

19. Hand of Cards:
Card Meaning: Hold ‘em or fold ‘em.
Relationship: There is an opportunity to pursue your desires. You may not be showing your intentions. There might also be risk involved.

20. Healing Heart:
Card Meaning: Spending your time BY yourself ON yourself.
Relationship: You have exited a relationship - perhaps one that was not serving you - and are now in the healing phase.

21. Karmic Relationship:
Card Meaning: Chaos, fighting and wounding each other through triggering
Relationship: Take a look at what issues are coming up now. Relationships will reveal unhealed wounds within yourself.

22. Keys on a Ring:
Card Meaning: Too many options, a lot of options, or just being strung along.
Relationship: A decision needs to be made as there are too many variables in play here. You may not be the primary focus of someone else’s attention. Alternatively, someone has not made up their mind yet.

23. Heartbroken:
Card Meaning: Represents an intense emotional loss.
Relationship: Someone or both parties may be feeling a huge loss within or outside of a relationship. There is most likely grieving about what used to be or could have been.

24. I LIke You:
Card Meaning: Somebody fancies you, you fancy someone else, or the feeling is mutual.
Relationship: LIke a fragrant rose, love is in the air. People are interested in getting to know each other and dating.

25. Love:
Card Meaning: Magnetism and Unity.
Relationship: Love has no boundaries. Be open to new people, ideas, and circumstances. Love is always the answer especially when you unconditionally love yourself.

26. Love Call:
Card Meaning: Either love is coming to you or you are giving it to others...or both.
Relationship: Either expect a loving gesture via a text, email or call, or you will be the one initiating the contact. At any rate, this is a genuine expression of love.

27. Kisses:
Card Meaning: The sweetness that life has to offer
Relationship: Mutual love for each other and the expression thereof.
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