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      INTERPRET CARDS WITH EASE - THIS POKER CARD SIZED tarot deck has keywords included and portrays the actual meanings of the cards instead of obscure symbols. One look is all it takes to interpret them like a pro!

      SIMPLISTIC DESIGN FOR ALMOST EFFORTLESS INTUITIVE READINGS- No distractions here! Just pair the keywords and go with that intuitive hunch- you'll be wowing your friends (and clients) in no time.

      FASTER CARD COMBINATIONS - Thanks to the design, it's much easier to link our tarot cards together to form a more comprehensive reading. Get to see the bigger picture and what story it reveals!

      PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - The unique design makes tarot reading easier.

      A TRENDY ALLURE - Our tarot card deck comes with our signature look: minimalistic, cute, edgy and undeniably and enchantingly divine!

      GO WITH THE CLASSIC - Our tarot card deck comes with our signature look: minimalistic, cute, and edgy. These cards stay true to tradition and carries a mystical and mysterious vibe.

      LEARN A NEW HOBBY - Reading tarot cards is a wonderful pastime. It's not only fun, but it can help lead you towards deeper introspection, consciousness, and inspire you to become your best self.


      78 Poker-Sized Tarot Cards

      Ever wonder what those images on tarot cards mean?

      You're most definitely not alone. Many people around the world are intrigued by those images, but more so by the meaning behind them. This curiosity is what prompts many to start buying their own tarot cards. It's probably the same for you.

      However, choosing and buying the right deck can be as challenging as interpreting them. If you're just beginning to step into the exciting and mystical realm of fortune-telling, then you'll a set of cards that will help you get started with as little difficulty as possible to inspire you to continue with your journey.

      Learn how to interpret tarot cards quickly and easily with the Island Time Wellness Learning Tarot Cards.

      Finding the right deck is crucial for beginning tarot card readers. You want something that connects with you and something you actually like looking at. So whether you're looking for something trendy or with mysterious appeal, we have the right deck for you.

      Our tarot cards are also designed to help ease your journey towards enlightenment by helping you easily and quickly interpret each card's meaning. With the keywords and illustrations presented right in front of you, you'll be reading cards intuitively in no time.

      Tarot card reading is great way of spending your personal time as it allows for introspection, but it's also a wonderful experience to share with family and friends. If you're wondering what to do the next time your with your loved ones, why not do a reading for them?

      Still skeptical? Here are more reasons to help you decide:

      Compliments other tarot or oracle cards

      Can be used by readers of all skill levels

      Great gift for family and friends who are interested in the craft

      Learn how to interpret tarot cards like a pro. Add the Island Time Wellness digital Learning Tarot Cards to your cart TODAY!

      Guaranteed authentic only if purchased through Island Time Wellness directly. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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