Love Oracle Cards #3

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      Love Oracle Deck #3 by Island Time Wellness was designed to liberate you to your best and highest self. This deck was created as a sequel to our Love Oracle Deck #1 and #2; except this time, Deck #3 is about singles and inner-healing. They are also so AMAZING for general readings!!!

      Find the answers to all of your burning questions. 💛

      Satisfy endless inquiries regarding twin-flame, karmic relationships, and beyond with this 54 carded soulmate and relationship deck. Precise and cooperative keywords on each card make the soulmate love-oracle reading a valuable yet seamless experience.

      Note: When these are ordered directly from our supplier to be sent to you, they will not be shrink-wrapped.

      Variations ✨
      Colors: Pink, Black with Silver Text, Black with White Text, White
      If out of stock (or looking for Tarot size), please order through our website (follow link to printing partner).

      Size: Poker Size (2.5” x 3.5”)
      All Decks include 54 cards.

      Contents of Love Oracle Deck #3:
      Influences of Past Conditioning
      Present Reality
      Life Goals
      Leveling Up
      Healthy Communication
      Alignment of Interests
      Setting Boundaries
      Awareness of Destructive Habits
      Pointing Fingers
      Greener Grass
      Self Love
      Letting Go
      Missing You
      Letting it Be
      Rewrite Your Story
      Guarded Heart...and many more!

      Crazy-good readings:

      Meet your match and bring your readings to the next level with Island Time Wellness' Love Oracle Deck #3. Enhance your Love Oracle reading experience with the tool of finding the answers you want and need - with competency and compliance. Love Oracle Deck #3 is designed to be a crystal-clear go-to for all inquiries. Pair with your favorite tarot deck and watch your dream reading materialize right before your eyes. These cards are perfect to use alone or in conjunction with tarot card readings as clarifier cards. Love Oracle Deck #3 is understandable, intuitive, and ready to guide you towards understanding and realization.

      DEAL WITH REAL - Recognize addiction, codependency, and narcissism - to transition to a life of self-love, healthy, balanced, and secure relationships.

      TELL IT LIKE IT IS - No sugar coating here!

      INTERPRETATION IS SIMPLE - Keywords on every card make interpretation cohesive and straightforward.

      NO MORE MEMORIZING - You won't have to spend any time learning to read these cards.

      TRAVEL-SIZE CUTENESS- Easy readings on-the-go in case you or your friends have any pressing questions. This deck is as stylish as they are empirical.

      Featured In..

      Featured in Apuchee Tarot, The Hermit's Cave, and Plus Size Tarot Chick on YouTube.

      Mentioned on many Instagram Accounts.

      Raved about on our Etsy Page.


      How are the decks different?

      We currently offer three different decks of Love Oracle Cards (in various colors and sizes). They each provide different details and aspects of relationships. We had initially been made Deck #1 to be very well-rounded, to be the 'deck that does it all.' By popular demand, we made Deck #2 and #3 and dove deeper. We added aspects that we couldn't fit into Deck #1 into Deck #2, for a multi-faceted approach towards the dynamics of life and love. Deck #3 is about singles and inner-healing.

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