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      2 products

      2 products

      We're SO STOKED to bring you this Hand-Lettered Magnetic Astrology Wheel. They were designed to go together with our planet magnets to make a stellar (lol) combination! Available in Black, Silver with Black Lines! A gorgeous way to demonstrate transits for your viewers, students, and subscribers!

      If you want to use them for your astrology video or channel, we recommend grabbing an 11" Carbon Steel pizza crisper (they need metal to stick to) and using that for your on-the-go readings for an out-of-this-world visual experience. You can use this wheel to set the mood for astrological readings, videos, and pictures. Channel your inner influencer and include the stunning pieces in your streams!

      USE IN READINGS WITH CHARMS OR CARDS FOR ADDITIONAL INFO - Combine the meanings of the houses, planets, signs with your cards or charms for UNBELIEVABLE clarification- and fun!


      AWESOME WAY TO EXPLORE ASTROLOGY - Made for teaching and learning, the magnetic zodiac wheel gives you a visual representation of the transits of planets through the houses.

      GET GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY - Practical and cost-effective, this astrology set provides you with a lifetime of in-depth knowledge without breaking the bank. Learning does not have to be expensive!

      IDEAL FOR ASTROLOGY LOVERS - This Astrology Wheel is the ultimate must-have for astrology teachers and beginners. It's the perfect zodiac gift for friends and family who love to delve into the world of celestial reading.

      Do you want to master the art of Astrology but don’t know where to begin?

      Learning about planets, luminaries, celestials, zodiac, and houses may be confusing and intimidating at first. But learning and sharing a new skill does not have to take a ton of effort.

      Our beginner-friendly astrology line makes it easy and helps guide you through the process. Demonstrating astrological transits and aspects can be made simpler with our popping visuals- it's an excellent guide.

      Spark interest in the Astrological world with our Island Time Wellness Astrology Wheel.

      Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to love our product:

      Astrology tools made affordably.

      Makes explaining astrological transits easier than ever.

      Great gift idea for astrology beginners, enthusiasts, and masters!

      Expand your knowledge and spin celestial vibes into your home. Add the Island Time Wellness Astrology Wheel to your cart TODAY!

      Cards, charms, and magnets not included.

      Fun Fact! This is so amazing to be able to offer this remake of the Learn Astrology Board/Wheel we published way back in 2016 (throwback much? lol). That's right! We originally published our first 10" x 10" astrology wheel way back in August of 2016 under our previous business. We reworked the style and concept in a way that is more stunning, modern, and practical. We're literally SO excited.

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